Surf Sleds: Brog’s 1978 VW Soul Bus

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IMG_3642 copywebCosmetics are something that really doesn’t concern him

By Eddie Solt

Photos by Mark Kawakami

Soul Performance Surf Shop owner and Brog Surfboards shaper Mark Brog’s ‘78 VW bus has been his daily driver and shop truck since the beginning, shuttling supplies to fuel a surfboard factory and retail location.

“I’m the second owner,” Brog said. “I bought it in ’88 — it’s my second bus.”IMG_3575 copyweb

After owning it a month, the motor went south and he replaced it with a souped up power plant from Canada that’s only been rebuilt once in 20 years.

“I’ve also added a Hydrogen pump that blows into the air intake,” he said. “It bumps up my mpg by 15 percent and burns cleaner emissions.”IMG_3653 copyweb

Brog has done 10 to 15 trips through Northern Baja, with Todos Santos being his favorite wave, going as far South as Cabo San Lucas, as East as Albuquerque, New Mexico, and as North as San Francisco.

“The gnarlyiest experience was having a clogged fuel filter going up at Mt. Baldy,” he said. “I had to coast all the way down to Upland.”IMG_3655web

Brog described his VW as an epic surf mobile. He can store a full quiver. Brog especially feels connected to his VW because it was his home for a few months while he was saving for a trip abroad, which took him to South Africa and all through Europe for a year and a half.IMG_3584web

“I parked it in front of a friend’s house on PV Blvd. It was great,” Brog said, “Other than cops beating on my windows sometimes early in the mornings, I loved it.”

Cosmetics are something that really doesn’t concern Brog. He’s repainted it once, 15 years ago.

“I didn’t have the money to have the entire car clear coated and so the painter clear coated one section to show me the difference,” he said. “You notice the one shiny panel?”IMG_3690web

Other than a custom built, safety front-end bumper, the VW is stock, with Brog providing the accessories.

“I keep my rock/shell collections from all over the world on the dash and through out the van,” he said and laughed, “In addition to 10 pounds of sand on the floorboards, it enhances the spiritual vibe of the van.”  DZ

Photos by Mark KawakamiIMG_3651 copyweb

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