North LA Pulse: November 2013

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DZ-Pulse-Pulse of the Month-Yves Bright-2153

Pulse of the Month: Yves with an exclamation point

The North LA Pulse is a monthly feature highlighting the top performers of each swell as seen through the lens of photographer  Justin Mehren. 

October’s fall weather pattern brings swells from all directions, and this month proved to be a mixed bag of pulses.  The first pulse was greeted with offshore winds and every surfer in town thought that this was the sign of an epic month ahead.  Unfortunately, the remainder of the month brought only a couple decent pulses and nothing that would live up to the opener.

DZ-Pulse-1-Bottom-Yves Bright-2331

Yves making it look easy

Pulse One: 

The first pulse of the month came in with good energy from the North and South, creating peaky conditions at the beach breaks with strong offshore winds.  Yves Bright was the standout of the morning.  He pulled into solid barrels and put it on rail with commitment to secure the “Pulse of the Month”.  When the winds swirled mid day Logan Andresen’s power surfing shined as he destroyed oncoming sections.

DZ-Pulse-1-Top-Logan Andresen-1508

Logan punishing an oncoming section

Pulse Two:

DZ-Pulse-3-Bottom-Steven Lippman-5340

Lippy committed to the rail

DZ-Pulse-3-Top-Colin Giles-5416

Colin cashing in his frequent flyer miles.

As the month came to a close, it didn’t look like a third pulse was going to come through.  The report indicated another combo swell, but the early high tide had it swamped out everywhere and most of the surfers left.  As the tide dropped, the ocean surface cleaned up and the sun came out.  The few die-hards that stuck around were rewarded with clean wedges.   Colin Giles and Steven Lippman were on fire this session, Giles boosting airs as if he was 18 and Lippman putting it on rail with perfect technique. DZ


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