North LA Pulse: June 2014

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Tyler Morris-Pulse of the Month-Dropzone-June-Copyright Justin Mehren-File-9254

Tyler Morris Pulse of the Month

Words and Photos by Justin Mehren

This time of the year in North LA, the wind becomes the biggest wave killer as the spring season ends and the summer season approaches.  This held true as most of the days with swell during this period were accompanied by late morning winds that would shut down most of the spots.  There are a couple spots in the region that can handle the wind, and in early June one of these spots turned on while everywhere else was blown out.  It was Tyler Morris who stroked into the best wave of the day, nailing the Pulse of the Month with an air reverse he landed in the flats.

James Garcia-Pulse 1-Top-Dropzone-June-Copyright Justin Mehren-File-9453

James Garcia-Pulse 1

Sean Johnson-Pulse 1

Sean Johnson-Pulse 1

With a Hurricane swell and a southwest ground swell in the water, it looked like North LA was going to be all time in the days leading up to Pulse One.  Unfortunately, north wind showed up at the same time and caused most breaks to blow out before 10 am.  One spot managed to stay clean all day and a few lucky locals knew where to be.  It is always good to see James Garcia, as his rail work is still some of the best in town. On this day, he was throwing buckets.  As the sun began to dip, Sean Johnson ran out after a long day of work and found some fun inside runners throwing fins during the golden hour.

Joe Rickenbaugh-Pulse 2

Joe Rickenbaugh-Pulse 2

Pulse Two came towards the end of the month and once again so did the late morning winds.  With the beach breaks blown out, it was back to the points to find some shelter from the wind.  The lineup this time was full of surfers from up and down the coast.  Although it was Joe Rickabaugh that dominated the lineup, switching between his soft-top and shortboard.  On this wave, Joe had to weave his way through traffic to get to the inside ramp just in time for a stylish front side air.  Joe definitely put on a show, but sometimes the simplest things go with out notice. It is hard to miss Sean Tully’s smooth and effortless style, highlighted perfectly as he lays into his rail off the bottom. DZ

Sean Tully

Sean Tully-pulse 2

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